Are the UK and U.S. Heading in Different Directions When It Comes to Electric Cars? Maybe…

Being a Brit by birth and a an immigrant to the U.S., I’ve been paying close attention in recent weeks to the way in which the UK and the U.S. are now apparently differing in their attitudes toward plug-in vehicles. The U.S., under the new administration, has seemingly lost some of its drive toward promoting plug-in cars, while the UK, now struggling to find a replacement vehicle technology to promote after Diesel’s fall from grace, has doubled down on plug-in vehicles.
The results? We’re already starting to see the UK accelerate its plug-in market share while the U.S. (or rather EV advocates) worry about the future for the world of plug-in cars now that fuel standards are expected to be rolled back.

But will the two countries ever end up on the same track? Will the apparent paths now set by European countries and the U.S. now seal their fate, or is there still time for things to change?

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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