How To Interact With Your Nissan LEAF Using Amazon Alexa Digital Assistant

With Amazon Echo now the most popular standalone digital assistant in the world, there are an awfully large number of homes with both an Amazon Echo of some description and an electric car. Which is perhaps why there’s an increasing number of Alexa skills now dedicated to letting people connect their Amazon Echo to their electric car.

That’s before we even consider the large number of cars — including ones made by Ford and Volkswagen — which will soon have Alexa functionality built in as standard from the factory.

But while BMW, Tesla and Ford now have their own official (or unofficial) Alexa skills listed in the Alexa skill store, it’s possible to connect both the Nissan LEAF and the Renault ZOE to Alexa using third-party codebases coded by Scott Helme and Danny Tuppeny respectively (provided you’re okay with doing a little work to host the services yourself).

Which is why we decided to give Alexa a go ourselves, using Scott Heme’s AlexaNissanLEAF codebase to roll our own LEAF-aware digital assistant.

Important links:  Scott Helme’s Github:

Alexa Lambda :

Amazon Developer Alexa Skill:

Watch the video above to find out how we did it — and if you’re interested in the modifications we’ve made to Scott’s original code, you can find them here.


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