VW’s Dieselgate Penance: Is First of Five 2.5-Year Budgets for Electrify America Unfairly Favoring California?

As part of its punishment for purposely building and selling TDI-engined cars fitted with emissions control software specifically designed to cheat in emissions testing, German automaker Volkswagen has founded a new 10-year program called “Electrify America”. This program, funded to the tune of $2 billion out of Volkswagen’s own purse, is supposed to promote the use of and support the mass adoption of electric vehicles by building new public charging infrastructure, advertising electric vehicles in the media, and advocating for the transition to electrified vehicles.

Under the court agreement, Electrify America will be publishing five interim proposals over the next ten years, detailing just where every dime of the $2 billion will be spent furthering the advancement of cleaner, greener vehicles. But earlier this week we learned that the first of those proposals — submitted to the California Air Resources Board back in February — proposes spending $200 million in the first 2.5 years in the state of California to improve electric vehicle infrastructure and mass-adoption, while spending only $300 outside of the Golden State.

Which got us thinking. Is Electrify America the policy a true agent for change in the plug-in vehicle world, or is it simply a token gesture that’s little more than the policy equivalent of a compliance car?

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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