As Tesla Plans to Retire Model S 60, New Entry-Level Model S Will Be The $74,500 S75D

Late on Friday as we were preparing our weekend show, Tesla quietly announced that it would ditch the entry-level Tesla Model S 60 from the lineup, citing low sales volumes and customer interest in the $68,000 model.

Mid-April, it explained, it would no-longer accept orders for the Model S 60, making the Tesla Model S 75D the entry-level Model S instead and effectively raising the entry price point for the high-end electric sedan from $68,000 to $74,500.

So what does this mean for Tesla fans who had hoped to buy a Tesla Model S 60? Should you still order one? Upgrade to a Tesla Model S 75D instead? Or wait out and get a Model 3? It depends on what your needs are.

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  • Martin Lacey

    We shouldn’t be surprised, Tesla reintroduced the S 60 variants after the reservations for Model 3 exceeded even their wildest expectations. The intention was to sway some reservation holders into spending money now rather than later and to attract a slightly less affluent clientele as accelerated funding for the Model 3. I should think now the Model 3 production schedule is known, folks are waiting patiently for their reserved vehicle or opting for a full spec Model 3 over a base Model S.

  • You stated 75D is cheapest, but wouldn’t the rear wheel drive 75 kWh still be available, which is cheaper than the 75D dual motor all wheel drive model? Did Tesla say they will not make RWD Model S again? Our 2013 RWD S 85 is excellent in all conditions, even here in Canada with our snowy winters. Interesting if so, that makes me wonder about the Model 3 RWD …

  • You mentioned Tesla pushing for upgrades. I can confirm I received an email this week with an offer to upgrade to the Tesla 100D from our 2013 S85. I’ve asked for the trade in quote. Will keep you posted to see what kind of offer this turns out to be…