As Tesla Plans to Retire Model S 60, New Entry-Level Model S Will Be The $74,500 S75D

Late on Friday as we were preparing our weekend show, Tesla quietly announced that it would ditch the entry-level Tesla Model S 60 from the lineup, citing low sales volumes and customer interest in the $68,000 model.

Mid-April, it explained, it would no-longer accept orders for the Model S 60, making the Tesla Model S 75D the entry-level Model S instead and effectively raising the entry price point for the high-end electric sedan from $68,000 to $74,500.

So what does this mean for Tesla fans who had hoped to buy a Tesla Model S 60? Should you still order one? Upgrade to a Tesla Model S 75D instead? Or wait out and get a Model 3? It depends on what your needs are.

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