Transport Evolved Staff Car Report: Switching Tires (Or Tyres) As Winter Turns to Spring!

It’s that time of year when the temperatures finally start to rise and weather stops being quite so cold, wet and miserable. And for the Transport Evolved fleet on the U.S. west coast, there’s really no real chance of heavy snowfall or winter driving conditions for the rest of the season — which means it’s time for us to swap our winter tires for summer ones!

In the case of our staff Nissan LEAF, that means switching out the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 winer tyres we’ve been using for the past two winters and replacing them with our Nokian e-NTYRE 2.0 all-season tyres, which we purchased last spring and have just one year of use.

Join us in the video above as we head to the local Discount Tire and put our winter tyres away for the season.

Thanks to the team at Discount Tire Beaverton for letting us film, and here’s to a great spring and summer (maybe even autumn) with the e-NTYRE 2.0 fitted!

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  • KIMS

    Are there any recommended products to treat the tire rubber with so that it does not dry/crack in storage?

  • Albemarle

    We are a month away from changing because spring weather doesn’t arrive here with the season (-9°C today). I also like to try and balance wear between sets. We seem to change cars every few years and have to sell at discount our old winter tire set. After all, who wants to get the same car twice?
    Around here, almost everyone has their winter tires mounted on steel rims. It’s cheaper to buy the rims than pay for the mount/dismount twice a year. Your economics must be different. Tire places here also store the off-season tires for you. Not free, but convenient.