What Elon’s Weekend Tweet Storm Has Taught Us About The Upcoming Tesla Model 3

This past weekend, we’ve heard a lot of new Tesla Model 3 news courtesy of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Here’s all the important bits and pieces you’ll want to know!


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  • Martin Lacey

    As reservation holders will be able to keep their position in the queue if they want to wait for AWD it’s not the issue many have made it out to be. Also it will only affect US customers if Tesla keep to the 6-9 month lag between RWD and AWD.

    For any UK residents – Nikki omitted to inform us that the UK won’t see Model 3 until summer 2018. Darn it Nikki, you’re still British 😉

    • Farmer_Dave

      Agreed. Personally I’ll wait for the dual motor version for max winter traction (and more power, it’s addictive).

    • Jeff Laurence

      Great. I’ll move up in the cue because I could care less about dual motors.

  • Michael Walsh

    I’d be glad to donate, what a great show!
    I do think a wardrobe upgrade would be awesome too!
    I’ll look for the Nikki professional attire on the next video…

  • Albemarle

    Linking competence with wardrobe is so sad, it’s laughable. Spend any time in Silicon Valley and you will learn that the poorly dressed person sitting next to you (and I don’t mean shabby chic) is a billionaire. Go to Washington, or any state capital and see all those smartly dressed incompetent people who would starve to death if they couldn’t work for the government.

    Wear what you want girl and do it the way you want. I’ll look for the Nikki pj attire on the next video…

    By the way, I like the out of focus background. Helps me focus on what I am supposed to look at.