Discuss: Is General Motors’ Policy on DC Quick Charging Slowing Chevrolet Bolt EV Adoption Rates?

It’s the world’s first long-range electric car costing under forty thousand U.S. dollars, can travel upwards of two hundred and thirty-eight miles on a charge (more than three hundred if you’re good with your right foot), and is on sale now in certain U.S. markets and South Korea. But while the Chevrolet Bolt EV deserves a place in the history books when it comes to range versus price, this five-seat compact electric car isn’t selling as well as some had hoped. What’s more, it’s being outsold by the older, cheaper, less capable Nissan LEAF.

So is the Chevrolet Bolt just not priced right? Is Nissan undercutting the Bolt EV so much that people are going for the shorter-range LEAF instead?  Or is General Motor’s lack of interest in charging networks hampering the rollout of this influential plug-in car?

Watch the video above to find out, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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