Why DC Quick Charging Stations Charge So Much — And What Some Of The Solutions To This May Be…

Unless you’re someone who enjoys free, unlimited use of Tesla Superchargers or happens to be a recently converted electric car owner with one of the various ‘free to charge’ access cards that automakers like Nissan and BMW have been handing out to new customers, the chances are that if you own an electric car you’re more than a little familiar with how expensive public DC quick charging stations are to use.

Yes, there are a few decent deals out there — I’m on one myself, which charges just under twenty dollars a month for all the quick charging sessions I can use — but for the most part, stopping at a public DC quick charging station is damned expensive.

And unfortunately, due to the way in which these DC quick charging stations are built, are owned and operated, that’s not going to change any time soon.

Find out why — and what a possible solution to this issue would be — in the video above. And if you’d like to see an example of one solution in action, be sure to check out this article on the subject.

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