Staff Car Update: Nissan LEAF 12-Volt Battery Upgrade (Optima YellowTop G51R)

Just over a month ago, our 2013 Nissan LEAF ‘staff car’ suffered a series of unexplained dead 12-volt battery events in which the car’s battery became completely drained overnight. Convinced it was the age of the 12-volt battery, we took the car to the local battery specialist in order to have the battery tested, only to discover that the 12-volt battery — under normal internal combustion engine starting loads — performed fine.

Yet the same issue happened two or three more times, leaving us with a flat battery in the morning. So, knowing that 12-volt ‘starter’ batteries can cause problems in electric cars, we took the plunge and swapped out the older 12-volt OEM battery for a brand-new Optima YellowTop G51R.

Watch the video above to find out how easy it was — and don’t forget to support us through Patreon.


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