Why Tesla Wants To Put Its Battery Pack On ICE For Super Fast, Super Chil l Supercharging

One of the big challenges facing electric vehicles, as I’m sure you’ll know if you’re an electric car driver, is the time it takes to refuel your car on a long-distance trip. Don’t get me wrong: in the past decade we’ve seen dramatic improvements in this, thanks to improved rapid charging infrastructure, improved rapid charging speeds and larger-capacity battery packs, all of which make it easier than ever before to drive long distance by electric car.

Yet still the critics come, moaning that until they can refuel their cars in ten minutes or less they’re not interested in a plug-in car. And so we’re starting to see some really high-powered charging systems being developed by both automakers and charging providers in an attempt to get the charge time down for electric cars while simultaneously accommodating ever-larger capacity battery packs.

Except there’s a problem with this. The more power you need to transfer, the larger the connector becomes needed to transfer that power — or the more you need to focus on cooling in order to ensure that large currents can be transferred from charging station to car without causing major issues to the battery pack. Because without doing so, you create a massive amount of heat which can ultimately cause the battery pack to undergo premature aging.

Which is why Tesla has been working on a new type of charging station that charges your car and cools the battery at the same time.

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