What’s Going On With the Chevy Bolt and the Opel Ampera-e?

Several Transport Evolved viewers have reached out to me to pass on the news that Opel Norway has been dragging its feet on the official European launch of the Opel Ampera-e — Opel’s rebadged Chevrolet Bolt EV. Indeed, after obtaining more than 4,000 interested customers — who signed up to buy an Opel Ampera E way back in September last year — Opel has just announced it will deliver just a few hundred Ampera Es in Europe this year, writing to the other three thousand seven hundred reservation holders that they won’t be getting their Ampera E until some time in twenty eighteen.

Why is this happening? And does it have anything to do with Chevrolet’s low volume sales for the Bolt EV?

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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  • Albemarle

    I agree. GM has no reason to make an effort to supply the Ampera-e to Europe. I am sure it was part of the discussion, but, when you have a car with poor profitability when compared to an ice, when you will be selling it to another car maker and allowing them to make a little money on it, where’s the incentive?

    GM is under lots of pressure in North America with markets that are upset about the Bolt’s availability.

    The root of the problem is that if this was important for PSA they would have contracted for specific volumes of the Ampera-e at the time when purchasing Opel. They obviously didn’t so they don’t care either. Unfortunate for European buyers because as you say, the Bolt EV is a wonderful car. Not available? Move on. Someone will fill the gap.

    Who knows, GM may wake up and do a Toyota thing with the Prius, but they don’t appear to have any long-range thinkers in management.

  • Martin Lacey

    I believe the Blot is also available in South Korea.

    As GM recently sold off Opel/Vauxhall, they have no interest in selling to Europe or right hand markets. GM should have stuck with ICE and bought it’s ZEV credits, which would have been cheaper from the get go.

  • Jayson Hammond

    I also agree! GM is in an absolute mess! Selling EV’s is not in their interests, so selling just enough to meet the mandate seems feasible!
    Barra is trying hard to bring GM back to profitability, and with Trump in power, has the go ahead to continue producing gas guzzling, sub par Chevrolet product!
    With the sale of Opel / Vauxhall, they have alienated themselves from Europe, to focus more on the US, which for Trump, is all part of his “Make America great again”. But at what cost? Time will tell if selling Opel, with all of their Research and Development know how, not to mention their vast array of vehicles, which did funnel down through other GM brands such as Buick and Holden was the right decision.
    As an Australian, with our home GM company Holden, was supposed to receive 1/3 of its vehicles from Opel, as the shift in tastes towards European cars is strong in Australia. Now we are left with product from Chevrolet, and with a Prime Minister that is allied with America, and the “values” in which they have, we will never see the Chevrolet Bolt / Opel Ampera e in Australia. So, in Australia, the electric car is dead from GM anyway, thank god other companies such as Nissan and Tesla can see further than past their own feet. Unfortunately for GM, they can’t even see their own feet!

  • Falkenlurch

    Just buy a Hyundai Ioniq electric – better choice.

    • Stanislav StenLi Trnik

      Leaf 2018 is much better choice: cheaper, better range and better equipped.

      • Falkenlurch

        Not available today and definitely now available 4 months ago when I made the comment.

        • Stanislav StenLi Trnik

          Leaf 2018 is much better choice, cheaper, bettera range and better equipped 🙂

  • “Why The Renault ZOE Is Europe’s Killer EV Right Now — And Could Stay That Way Too” is the title from another article here at Transport Evolved.
    Renault is not so large company as GM but it’s a honest European company that joined the EV revolution with not just one but four vehicles.
    From left to right: Renault Twizzy, Renault Zoe, Renault Fluence, and Renault Kangoo EV. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9d68cfc38e23487bdc2cf38b9a52da7ba25e0c008c700d3b24e5b33385b16d3b.jpg ,