Tesla Solar Tiles, VW Trash-Talks Tesla, Iconic EV Destroyed — TEN Future Car News 5/12//2017

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

The Ampera-e’s super-slow European roll out; why Tesla is turning down Supercharger speeds for certain high Supercharger-use electric cars; the first autonomous electric cargo ship in the world is promised to debut next year; Tesla announces pricing and opens order books for its Solar Roof product; why political preferences may dictate the type of car you buy; Harley Davidson confirms it will build an electric car; Tesla removes autosteer limitations on its cars and starts collecting video from all Autopilot cars to further accelerate autonomous drive technology; Volkswagen trash-talks Tesla and says it will be the world’s largest electric automaker by 2025, while simultaneously admitting it won’t release the final internal report into deiselgate lest it gets the company in more trouble; Mercedes bosses clear up the company’s intentions for hydrogen fuel cell; we discover how much of a premium consumers are willing to pay for an autonomous vehicle over a manually-driven one; BMW launches a new car-sharing scheme in Hamburg; and an historic electric vehicle is destroyed.



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