(Go) Forth: Oregon’s New Electric Car Advocacy and Education Showroom — And Why It’s So Important For EV Adoption

Electric cars have historically been given a tough time by mainstream automakers and mainstream auto dealers. Indeed, many would-be electric car customers report that their local dealerships know nothing about electric cars — and would rather sell them an internal combustion engined car instead.

Tackling dealer disinterest and misinformation and properly educating and informing consumers so they know which electric cars best suit their needs has long been a challenge for the electric vehicle world. To date, only Tesla — with its own dedicated stores and galleries — has managed to crack that particular nut.


But if you happen to live in Portland, Oregon, there’s now a new way to find out about electric car ownership that avoids traditional pushy car dealers and gives you an alternative to the local Tesla Store: Go Forth!

Go Forth is a brand-new brand-agnostic electric vehicle showcase in downtown Portland, where you can find out about electric vehicles, book test drives, and even learn about charging stations an incentives. And last week, it officially opened to the public. So I headed down there to find out more!

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