Tesla’s Supercharger Policy Change — What It Means For You

At the tail-end of 2016, Tesla announced an end to its previous free-for-life Supercharger access policy. Deciding to continue to offer free Supercharger access for the life of the car to existing customers, Tesla said that, starting January 2017, it would begin to limit new customers’ Supercharging sessions to a maximum of 400 kilowatt-hours of free Supercharger access per year.

After reaching that 400 kWh limit, Tesla said it would charge customers on a per-kWh (or per minute) basis for Supercharger access, something which caused quite a lot of frustration among new and old Tesla customers alike.

But on Friday last week, Tesla announced that it was bringing back free, unlimited Supercharger access for all customers who purchased their Model S or Model X between the middle of May, essentially grandfathering new customers into the unlimited Supercharger program. All new customers from this point on, Tesla explained, would be restricted to the free 400kWh program started in January — except those who purchased their Tesla through its just-launched referral program.

Those customers, Tesla said on Friday, would gain free, unlimited Supercharger access for the length of their ownership of their new car.

To find out more about the program, watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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