Can You — Or Should You — Compare Tesla To The Model T Ford?

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of comparisons made between Tesla and its range of all-electric cars — and the very early Ford Motor Company, specifically its Model T Ford.

Indeed, with similar production ramp up to the Model T, it’s easy to conclude that the Tesla Model 3 is going to be just as revolutionary to the world as the Model T was. One comparison from Visual Captialist —  — even suggests that Tesla’s ramp up is similar to Ford’s Model T ramp up right down to the increase in routes Tesla customers can drive.

But can you really compare Tesla today to the early Model T Ford? And should you?

We think not — and explain why in the video above.

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  • Albemarle

    That’s the problem with comparisons when you want all the details to match. Since personal vehicles are ubiquitous, it’s impossible to truly duplicate the Model T. However, if you back off a bit, there’s a good case for Tesla being similar to the Model T.
    The 3 is a bit too expensive right now, but so was the T when it first appeared. The T dropped in price as production efficiencies took place.
    Tesla is the first manufacturer to introduce high volume into the EV market.
    As for the competitors, there were many more conpetitors in the Model T’s time.
    So if we look at a) personal transportation, b) high leading market volume and c) time to ramp up, yes, I think Tesla COULD be fairly compared to the Model T. BUT all this is quite premature. They aren’t cranking out the cars yet. They have all to prove and at this point nothing to show for this comparison. Keep your balloons and streamers holstered folks. There’s a world of difference between ambitious wishes/promises and delivery.