Just Why is Tesla Limiting Configuration Choices For Its Official Model 3 Launch

For hundreds of thousands of eager electric vehicle fans, the past year has represented an agonizing wait to get their hands on Tesla’s latest and greatest plug-in car — the all-new Tesla Model 3 sedan.

Priced from $35,000 U.S. before incentives, the Tesla Model 3 isn’t a replacement for the Model S, but is a far more affordable, far less complex model that Tesla hopes will not only change the way that people view electric cars for good but will also help it achieve mass-market affordability and production volumes.  And with Tesla due to enter official production of Model 3 in just over a month’s time, with deliveries due to begin some time in Q3, there’s a large amount of hype surrounding the car.

Yet at Tesla’s Annual Shareholder Meeting last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that options at launch for Model 3 would be restricted to a choice of colors and a choice of wheel designs, with customers seeking further customization or options — such as battery pack, power, or interior packages different to the base-level Model 3 — facing a longer wait until their desired options entered into production.

With some commentators and fans angry over this surprise move, we thought it time to explain just why Tesla is restricting initial choices for Model 3 — and what this could mean for you as a customer.

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