Is Elon Musk’s Boring Company Facing The Impossible? It Depends On Whom You Ask

The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s latest transportation endeavour, has a singular goal: to change the way we travel across congested cities of the future by building a series of networked tunnels underground. Those tunnels, linked to the world above by a series of lift shafts, would then be fitted with special high-speed tracks on which specially-designed electric car-carrying trollies would zip, taking cars across major cities at speeds of up to 200 kph (125mph).

But while we’ve covered the idea of the Boring Company before, this time we’re focusing on the logistical and legislative challenges that lay ahead — and just how difficult it will be for Musk’s new company to obtain the necessary permits it needs to revolutionize private transit.

Is it impossible? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

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