Will The Smart Car Brand Die in North America When Daimler Makes It All-Electric? And Who’s To Blame?

As Automotive News detailed earlier this week, some Smart Car dealers in the U.S. are choosing to become ‘service only’ centers later this year when Daimler ceases shipping internal combustion engined Smart Cars across the Atlantic and makes the brand all-electric in North America.

The reason? Aside from the costs associated with training to become an electric vehicle Smart Dealer, some dealerships aren’t convinced customers want an electric car, while others remain distrustful of the technology behind electric cars.

Were it any other brand, dealer misinformation and prejudice, combined with poor training of dealerships on the part of the automaker would be to blame. But in the case of the Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour, there are several additional layers of issues in North America which prevent the Smart Car from being a success.

Which leads us to ask: will the Smart Car die in North America later this year when Daimler makes the brand all-electric? Outside of key Smart Car friendly markets, we think so.

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