Porsche Will be 50% Electric In Six Years — Here’s Why That Figure is Important

Traditionally, Volkswagen’s luxury brand Porsche has been associated with high-performance sports cars, high-end race cars, and more recently, luxury SUVS — all of them powered by a range of internal combustion engines ranging from the legendary Boxer engine to powerful turbocharged V-8s.  And electric cars were seen as something of a poorer cousin to those vehicles, their performance deemed too inferior for Porsche to consider building an electric sports car.

But for the past year or so, Porsche has been reading its Mission E electric Sports Coupe for market, complete with a 300+ mile range, Tesla-like 0-60 mph time and rapid charging technology that allows the car to refuel from empty to 80 percent full in as little as fifteen minutes. Even then however, Porsche stated it would aim for a relatively low-volume for the Mission E, with the majority of its sales still gasoline.

Now that’s changed, with Porsche CEO Oliver Blume stating last week that the company aims to make one half of its vehicles fully electric in just six years’ time.

What does that mean for the brand, its attitude toward plug-in cars, and why is it such a big piece of news in the first place?


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