Have You Opened Tesla’s Lootbox? There Might Be a Roadster Inside…

With Tesla’s customer referral program an established part of Tesla’s marketing strategy, the company is always looking for new and exciting perks to help keep owners engaged in the practice of bringing new friends, family and coworkers to the brand.

Tesla’s current referral program, which began earlier this spring, made it easier than ever before for owners to benefit from making referrals to friends, as well as including free supercharging for the life of the car for all new owners who used a referral program code when singing up.

Now, Tesla has unveiled a new top-level to its latest referral program for people who have referred at least five friends: a ten percent discount off the next-generation Tesla Roadster, with a tiered discount of two percent per five additional referrals. Essentially, this means anyone referring fifty friends or more to Tesla will earn themselves a brand-new Tesla Roadster when the car launches in twenty nineteen.

But should Tesla really be offering perks on a car it hasn’t even unveiled yet? And just when will that unveiling take place?

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