Tesla Makes Model S All Wheel Drive Only, Tweaks S/X Options, Removes Leather — Here’s What It Means For You

Over the weekend, with the Tesla Model 3 launch just a few days away, Tesla quietly changed some of the standard content for its Model S and Model X electric cars — as well as announced the retirement of the Tesla Model S 75 from its vehicle lineup.

Some headline changes include replacing leather on all future cars with a vegan-friendly synthetic leather, and adding premium LED lighting and air suspension as standard across the range, as well as shifting the Autopilot switch from the Cruise Control stalk to the Drive Selector.

But what do the changes mean for Tesla customers?  Watch the video above to find out, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and support Transport Evolved at Patreon.

*also worthy of note is the news that Tesla has now begun producing an 85 kWh battery pack software-locked to 75 kWh for its entry-level models, but this news was released after filming of today’s show.


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