The 2019 MINI E Is On The Way — Here’s What To Expect…

The 109 MINBack in 2009, BMW produced limited numbers of all-electric MINI E electric hatchbacks based on the 2009 MINI Cooper as part of a pilot project that eventually led it to develop the ActiveE electric car and then the BMW i3 and BMW i8 electric cars.

While the MINI E was well received by those lucky enough to lease it as part of BMW’s Electronaut  program, BMW decided at the time not to mass-produce an all-electric MINI, focusing its attention instead on the BMW i3 and BMW i8.

Now, with BMW looking to integrate more of the i3 and i8 technologies into its mainstream family of cars, it has confirmed that an all-electric MINI will be produced at its Crowley facility in Oxfordshire, England from 2019 onwards.

But what will BMW’s all-electric MINI be like, and what will the rest of BMW’s electrified fleet look like?

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