Why Tesla Staff Get The Model 3 First

Tomorrow, the Tesla Model 3 officially goes on sale, with the first deliveries taking place at a gala event at Tesla’s Fremont production facility.

But while Tesla’s launch party may end up looking very much like any other Tesla event we’ve seen — including the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X launch events — the first customers to get their hands on Tesla’s latest brand-new electric car won’t be high-flying Tesla investors or eager fans who have paid a massive premium for a “Signature Series” model.

Instead, they’ll be Tesla and SpaceX employees who were given early-access to Tesla’s Model 3 reservation list ahead of the official Model 3 reveal event last March.

But why has Tesla decided to give its staff first pick at Model 3, and what restrictions will those early staff Model 3 owners have on who can register or sell the car?

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  • Dennis Sweet

    I have to wonder if Tesla’s lower production plans for this year are actually due to limits in production …or are they based on guaranteeing the maximum number of buyers can qualify for the full federal incentive. If it is based on timing, I feel it’s the right thing to do.