Tesla Model 3 or Chevrolet Bolt EV? Which Car Should You Buy?

With the waiting list for the Tesla Model 3 more than a year long for those who want a higher-spec car (or indeed anyone who reserves a Model 3 today) Tesla’s mass-market affordable sedan may not be the best choice for would-be plug-in car drivers who are looking to switch today.

At the moment however, there are very few alternatives in the Model 3’s price range that could be considered an alternative. The only car (for the next month or so at least) is the Chervolet Bolt EV — a car which (while available in the U.S.) isn’t a true competitor to the Model 3, since both cars occupy a different marketplace.

Tesla does have autopilot advantage over the Bolt EV — as well as its Supercharger network.

But with similar range and interior volume, not to mention over-the-air updates for both cars, should you opt for a Chevrolet Bolt EV instead? Is it really worth waiting for a Tesla Model 3?

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