Why Obsessing On Range Is Affecting How We Buy Electric Cars

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While most people agree living with an electric car with a range of less than 80 or 100 miles per charge can be challenging without decent public charging infrastructure, the chances are a car with 150 miles or more of range would be suitable for all but the most extreme of use case scenarios.

Yet with long-range cars coming to market from a variety of different automakers, we’re still choosing which cars to buy based on overall range rather than the other criteria we used to use (like price, practicality or performance) when buying internal combustion engined cars.

What’s more, by doing this, we’re encouraging automakers to focus on nothing but range when there are plenty of other things we look for in a car, leading to cars with longer ranges but often no difference in price tag.

Is range all there is when buying an electric car? Are we allowing range concerns to cloud our judgement? And are there trade offs to longer-range cars (like longer charging times) that we should also be considering when buying a car?

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