Staff Car Report: We’ve Got A 2017 Chevy Bolt EV (And One Less RAV4 EV)

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For the past sixteen months or so, our Transport Evolved fleet has consisted of a 2013 Nissan LEAF two 2002 Toyota RAV4 EVs, and a first-generation Honda Insight hybrid.

But over the past few months, Sparky, our rescued 2002 RAV4 EV from Southern California, has become increasingly temperamental with regards to charging and range per charge. At the same time, the loss of our first capacity bar on our 2013 Nissan LEAF has meant that it has struggled to make longer-distance trips without needing extra stops for charging. Additionally, the Gordon-Bloomfield family needs have changed of late due to the need to make regular medical visits some 250 miles away from our home.

So, we’ve been quietly keeping our eyes out for an alternative vehicle for Sparky. New cars like the Chevrolet Bolt EV seemed to be out of reach, so our primary focus was second-hand electric cars. But when we noticed a lease deal at a local Chevrolet dealer on a car that had been damaged (and then repaired) pre-sale, we had to take a look.

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  • Falkenlurch

    Who is “we”? I only see you in all the videos.

  • Chris O

    LOL, fascinating how GM’s sinister ploy to bury NiMH at an oil company when it was still in its “never again” phase in the aftermath of its EV-1 adventure actually ended up earning it the patronage of an EV advocate rather than be shunned forever. Not that I blame Nicky, $270/month is great value for this car. Money talks…

    It would be great to see a report on Bolt’s much debated quick charge prowess: what sort of miles will it pick up from those 50KW chargers in 30 minutes? Is it anywhere near that “up to” 90 miles GM promises (though that’s technically from 80KW chargers, good luck finding one of those I guess..)?