2018 Nissan LEAF Launch Event — Live Blog

Its first-generation LEAF has become a global best-seller in the electric car marketplace, and now, nearly seven years after it was first revealed, the second-generation Nissan LEAF is being revealed today at a special event in Tokyo, Japan.

And we’re here live, covering the event for you on Transport Evolved.

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  • Jeff Songster

    Looking forward to checking this out in the next couple weeks. Looks cool… new ProPilot features push it ahead of much of competition at price. Curious to see what actual slow driver can get for range… 150… 160? Will be more interesting to me with 60kwh battery since my 2 LEAFs are adequate for most trips and if I am going to bother updating it should be double what I already have. Nice body style, Like the extra boot space.

  • Kel Dommage

    Okay – take my money. This – for me – is probably the best balance of bang for buck/euro I could hope for. The 60kWh pack would be best, but if I’m being honest, 40kWh will do me fine. That’s basically Amsterdam to Paris with 1 stop in-between, which is going to be required no matter what. For real-world driving, this thing will spank the competition.