Chevrolet Bolt EV Road Trip: Why We Need More 50+ kW CCS Stations

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As regulars to the channel will know, we recently switched out our 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV for a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV. With a real-world range in excess of 240 miles per charge, the new acquisition also meant we had less need to rent a petrol car for long-distance trips, especially along routes well served by CCS quick charging stations.

Unlike CHAdeMO, which has matured significantly in recent years, the CCS quick charge standard is still relatively new in our area. Moreover, unlike CHAdeMO stations (most of which are at least 40 or 50 kilowatts in their power capabilities), many local CCS stations are limited to charging at just 24 kilowatts.

It’s easy to see that a 24 kW charging station will be far slower than a 50 kW charging station, at least at the start of the charging cycle. But what kind of impact does it have to making a long distance trip in a long-range EV like the Bolt EV?

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