Could Porsche Really Take On Tesla With Its Mission-E Electric Sports Sedan?

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When it comes to luxury, high-performance electric cars, there’s really only one manufacturer that currently fits the bill: Tesla — and its Model S sedan, Model X SUV (and, perhaps some might argue) its Model 3 sedan. But over the past few months we’ve seen more and more automakers step up to promise they will take on Tesla in the plug-in marketplace. 

Most of those cars however have been concept vehicles, lavish never-reach production models from financially-constrained startups, or super-expensive vehicles that will only launch in a few select places as compliance vehicles. And for some time, it was feared that the Mission E from Porsche would be one such vehicle, matching Tesla’s Model S in terms of performance but being vastly overpriced.

Yet over the weekend, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume confirmed to CAR Magazine that the Porsche Mission E (which will enter production by the end of 2019) will go on sale for the same price as an entry-level Porsche Panamera. And that puts the luxury performance plug-in squarely into Model S territory.

Which raises the simple question: could Porsche really take on Tesla with the Mission E?

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