How Tesla Could Make Puerto Rico a Shining Beacon For Renewable, Distributed Energy

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Just under two weeks ago, Hurricane Maria unleashed a trail of devastation on the island of Puerto Rico. Since then, its residents have pleaded for assistance from the U.S. government, and its politicians have clashed with the White House over just how effective relief aid efforts have been.

In the background however, Tesla has been sending hundreds of Powerwall energy storage products to Puerto Rico along with Tesla engineers, aiming to assist in bringing much-needed power back to the island weeks (or even months) before the mains electricity grid is expected to come back online.

Aside from the kudos that it earns from its humanitarian efforts, could rebuilding Puerto Rico’s grid help Tesla show the rest of the world how a future energy grid could look — and more importantly, how distributed energy storage and generation is far more robust than old-fashioned Industrial models for power distribution can be?

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