Are We Treating Tesla Like Other Automakers? And Should We Be?

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Earlier this week in keeping with its tradition of revealing estimates for the previous quarter ahead of its official Quarterly Earnings Call, Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] detailed a rise in overall deliveries and production for both its Model S and Model X electric cars, but a slower-than-expected start for its Model 3 electric car.

Indeed, the car that Tesla hopes will transform the electric car marketplace has yet to gain much ground, with just 260 units delivered during the third quarter and only 220 vehicles delivered to customers.

Were Tesla any other automaker, we’d all be baying for blood, criticizing the slow roll out and perhaps even suggesting that the automaker in question wasn’t really serious about electric cars. But as it’s Tesla, we’re all being very different.

Which leads to the simple question: are we treating Tesla like other automakers? Are we giving it special treatment that other automakers wouldn’t get? And more importantly, should we be treating Tesla differently?

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