Are Electric Cars More Reliable Than Gasoline Vehicles? Overall, Yes, says Consumer Reports

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I’m often asked by people if electric vehicles are more or less reliable than internal combustion engined vehicles on account of their advanced drivetrain and on-board computer systems. But as plug-in advocate will tell you, electric vehicles are far less complex than a comparable internal combustion-engined vehicle.

Now we’ve got some data to back that up courtesy of Consumer Reports’ latest Annual Vehicle Reliability survey  which details that electric vehicles are for the most part, far more reliable than petrol or diesel cars.

Perhaps most noted the evidence? The Chevrolet Bolt EV, which scored “Very Reliable” in the survey, despite only being available for the past year or so. As Consumer Reports notes, the Bolt EV is not only Chevrolet’s most reliable of fifteen vehicles made, but manages a reliability rating that’s traditionally very difficult for a new vehicle to achieve in its first year.

Despite this however — and Tesla’s increased reliability score compared to previous years thanks to improved reliability for Model S, Tesla was unhappy that Consumer Reports predicted that the Model 3 — which has yet to be delivered to people not directly connected to Tesla or SpaceX — would achieve an average vehicle reliability rating in its first year, something that’s almost unheard of in the industry. Read about Tesla’s complaint here  — and Consumer Reports’ Rebuttal here.

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