Plug-in Hybrid or Range-Extended EVs: What’s The Difference (And Why The Volt Isn’t A PHEV)

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Last week, I uploaded a video asking  Do Plug-In Hybrids Make Good, Affordable, Transitional Cars — And Should You Buy One?  ( 

And as a response, I heard from plenty of you who were a little confused (and in some cases, bothered) about why I left out the BMW i3 and Chevrolet Volt from my list of plug-in hybrids.

The answer? In my head, the Volt and BMW i3 REX are two very different cars and, as a consequence, do not classify quite as plugin hybrids. And while this is a controversial topic, I thought it would be a great opportunity to explain why neither vehicle are plug-in hybrids — and why we should treat them differently to plug-in hybrids.

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