Should You Be Bouncy or Blasé About Nissan’s Electric Offerings at the Tokyo Motor Show?

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Yesterday (or earlier today, depending on your time zone) Nissan held its official 2017 Tokyo Motor Show press conference at which it presented the Nissan IMX Zero Emissions Crossover Concept. An all-electric, fully-autonomous, all-wheel drive crossover SUV, Nissan says it represents the company’s goal for the near rather than far future, implying it should be used as a indication of what we should expect Nissan to bring to production in the next few years.

But while the IMX is indeed an impressive vehicle, it’s still very-much a concept car rather than a production-intent or perhaps even production-ready vehicle. Which leads us to ask the following question: should you be bouncy or blasé about this concept EV — and Nissan’s other electric offerings in Tokyo this year?

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