Should TaxPayers Pay For Electric Car Rebates? And Is There an Alternative?

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While not every country even has electric car rebates — and in some places those rebates are paid for via non tax-payer sources, the current U.S. administration is considering a new tax reform bill which would immediately gut the existing $7,500 federal tax rebate for plug-in cars in exchange for offering income tax breaks to individuals and corporations.

It’s a controversial move which has already caused a great deal of anguish from plug-in car advocates (including myself). And if you’re interested in having your voice heard, please write to your Congress Critter today (thanks, Plug-in America!) – to let them know about how you feel about the proposed cuts.

But putting the critical status of tax credits for electric vehicles aside for one second (and sidestepping the political arguments which normally get us into trouble) I’ve chosen to ask a little more of a broader question today: should we even have tax credits for electric cars? Who should pay for them? And are there better alternatives (such as incentivizing automakers for electric vehicle manufacture but penalizing them for making gas-guzzlers?)

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