Fast Five: Five Passenger Drones To Look Out For

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Not so long ago, the dream of owning a flying car seemed impossible — unless that is, you happened to be someone who had a very large bank account, a private pilot’s license, and somewhere to fly one of the handful of fully road-legal, fully air-legal flying cars produced over the past sixty years.

But now with the advent of high density lithium-ion batteries, we’re starting to see zero emission, fully (or partially) autonomous passenger drones enter the market. Offering short flight times, most are designed for quick hops in busy cities or for getting people (or things) to their destination quickly when surface streets are completely gridlocked.

And while you’ll unlikely own one for some time (they’re still out of the price range for most people), autonomous passenger drones could be in our cities soon, operating passenger taxi services,  aiding emergency services, being the ultimate commuter vehicle, or just helping tourists get a cool view of the city that would have previously only been possible in a full-size helicopter.

So today, we’re giving you five passenger drones you should look out for in the future.

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