Should You Keep Your Model 3 Reservation — Or Look At Alternatives?

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With Tesla Model 3 production not quite at the level Tesla had originally hoped it would be, I’ve had a lot of people ask me if they should keep their Model 3 reservation and wait it out until their car is made (sometimes months or maybe even years from now if they’re in certain markets)… or look at alternatives, either as a direct replacement for their reservation or as a stop-gap measure until their car arrives.

Today, I’m trying to answer if, based on the longer-than expected wait times for Model 3, you should keep your reservation or not. While Tesla fans eager to be a part of history (many of whom already have an electric car) may find the wait less of an issue, those who are looking to buy their first electric car and saw Model 3 as the only viable solution at the time should perhaps do some shopping around before committing to the wait.

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