Could Geely Make Flying Cars a Commercial Reality At Last?

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For as long as we’ve had cars, we’ve wanted them to fly. But while the history books are dotted with the names of companies eager to try and bring commercial personal transportation to market in the form of a flying car, nobody has succeeded to date.

One recent hopeful, Terrafugia, has been working on creating its own autonomous and human-piloted autonomous vehicles for some time. But to date, we’ve seen nothing hit the market, making it little more than those companies which went before.

Yet last week, Chinese manufacturing company Geely (which also owns Volvo and the London Taxi Company) completed its acquisition of Terrafugia. Given how successfully the company has helped Volvo and the London Taxi Company to turn their fortunes around, could the same be true for Terrifugia. And if so, are we about to see the first fully commercial personal flying car?

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