What Would Happen In The U.S. If Electric Car Incentives End?

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Over the past few weeks, there’s been a fair amount of confusion over the upcoming U.S. GOP tax reform bill and its impact on electric cars. While the tax reform bill passed both houses, one version of the bill was passed with provisions for continued green car incentives (for electric, plug-in hybrid and some other ‘zero’ emission vehicles) — and one was passed without those provisions, ending current federal tax credits for cleaner vehicles.

In order for the two bills to be merged and passed to the President to become signed into law, they must first be reconciled, a difficult process considering some of the ways in which amendments were scrawled into the margins during the bill’s final few hours in the legislature before being passed.  Until the reconciliation process is completed, the bill cannot be sent to the President — and there’s still hope for continued incentives for green vehicles.

But what would happen if attempts to keep those tax incentives fail? What would it mean for U.S. plug-in car buyers?  And what would it mean for the same around the world?

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