When Will Fully Autonomous Cars Be With Us — And Be Usable On The Roads?

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Autonomous vehicles have been promised us for years — and while electric vehicles are accelerating the move toward full autonomy, it’s becoming clear that just like electric vehicle rollout predictions, autonomous vehicle predictions have been a little… well.. enthusiastic, especially when there are still many legislative hurdles that lie ahead for autonomous vehicles.

Part of the problem lies in the nomenclature used for current generation advanced driver assistance features like Tesla’s Autopilot, Cadillac’s SuperCruise and Nissan’s ProPilot, all of which are often confused as offering full autonomy when in fact they are at best, Level 3 (at least at the time of writing this).

So when will we see fully autonomous (Level 5) vehicles on our roads? Watch the video above to find out more, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and support Transport Evolved via Patreon.


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  • Roger Goodman

    2025 is a bit far out.
    I need Fully autonomous by 2023 when my licence runs out!
    Great review.

  • Richard Goldsmith

    I am very keen to see reliable level 5 autonomy, given my age and desire for extended personal mobility independence, but I think your estimate is the best it could be likely to be in reality. It will take numbers of years between technical capability and societal acceptance. So level 4 should do it for me and be commonplace before driver absent level 5 is a legal reality, so at least another 5 years beyond 2025 is my expectation.

  • Jeff Laurence

    From what I’ve seen, having a human in the car at all is the weak point of autonomous vehicles.☺️

  • Albemarle

    If autonomous driving doesn’t arrive until 2025, and journalists and bloggers continue to write and report ceaselessly about it at the current rate, there could be a serious increase in alcohol consumption and depression drugs as we all keep hitting our heads against the wall, wanting it to please stop. Have some mercy!

  • Robert Comerford

    I don’t think the technical side of autonomy is the big hurdle. it is the legal side.
    When your autonomous vehicle injure or kills someone, who is responsible; you (the non driver), vehicle maker, engineer who designed it, the software designer….. ??