Charged Up: Tesla Model X 100D Review

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It’s been a while since our last Charged Up! Episode, where we take a car, drive it for a week, and then give our thoughts on what it’s like to have as a daily driver.

And this time, we’ve got a cracker for you, courtesy of the Tesla Model X 100D, which the wonderful Mark Chatterley was lucky enough to get his hands on for a week earlier this year!

Thanks to Tesla UK for providing us with a car for the week — and thanks to SansPants Radio for helping Mark test the Model X 100D to its limits!

Transport Evolved retains all editorial control of its videos, and does not take part in paid reviews to ensure editorial impartiality. 


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  • CDspeed

    The falcon doors not opening all the way, can be overridden by either pulling the door switch a second time, or on the touch screen by touching the open door icon a second time. The ghosting in the windshield is a flaw I have in my Model X too, I think it affects all Model Xs. One issue you didn’t experience with the windshield, it turns into a hot frying pan in the summer. It forces you to compensate for the heat by using more air conditioning, so it leads to a waste in energy. I also had an air conditioning issue one day where it stopped making cool air. It only did it once, and didn’t repeat the next day, but the day it did it there happened to be a heat wave, it was 103(F) degrees, I had to take my car home, and take out my i3 for the wrest of the day. I’ve experienced enough flaws that after one year of ownership, that I might consider trading it in.