Should You Buy a “Compliance Car” Electric Vehicle?

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Compliance cars (vehicles made specifically to satisfy zero emission mandates in key market areas, nothing more) have traditionally been given a hard time by the electric car world. They’re often limited in range, are limited in their supply, and can sometimes be a pain to service if you happen to live outside the area where they were first sold.

But at the same time, compliance cars (especially used ones) can sell for ridiculously low prices on the used car market. And where they’re still sold brand-new, automaker incentives can similarly give you a great deal that other automakers can’t match.

So should you buy a compliance car? Could it be a good choice for you? Could it save you money? Or should you only buy an electric car from a company that’s seriously committed to electric vehicles?

Watch the above video to find out, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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