California Says Yes to Driverless Cars — Here’s The Lowdown

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Level five, fully autonomous cars may be already with us on test tracks and in special closed environments, but to date (with a few exceptions) all level five autonomous test programs have required a human to sit behind the wheel at all times, ready to take over if needed.

In order for Level five autonomous vehicles to reach market readiness however, they need to be able to prove they can drive without a human behind the wheel.

In most places around the world, this kind of testing is still prohibited on the public highway, and while countries like the U.S. are working on implementing a new set of standards to allow such testing, the regulations have yet to be set in stone on a national level. Testing of driverless cars is already allowed in the U.S. in parts of Michigan and Arizona, but now the California DMV has announced it will allow Level five fully autonomous vehicles to be tested on the public highway without a driver behind the wheel.

As usual though, there are some stipulations to ensure that members of the public stay safe.

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