What’s A Grey Market Electric Car — And Should You Buy One?

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All over the world there are certain makes and models of cars that are available in some markets but not in others. And sometimes it’s very frustrating looking at the market in other countries and wishing you could bring one particular car back home with you.

The process of doing that — called grey market importing — is fairly common in some parts of the world and almost unheard of in others. In Europe for example, it’s relatively easy to import a car from the U.S. to a European country. In New Zealand, it’s relatively easy to import a Japanese-market car for use on Kiwi roads.

In the U.S. meanwhile, it’s nigh-on-impossible.

If you’re determined enough and you’re not in the U.S., grey market imports may seem like a great way to get the EV of your dreams. But should you bother?

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