How To Stop Autopilot Abuse!

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Over the weekend, we’re pretty sure you heard the news of the sentencing in the UK of a driver caught relaxing in the passenger seat of a Tesla Model S while it drove itself down one of the UK’s busiest roads with nobody behind the wheel.

Combine this with some rather nasty accidents of late where semi-autonomous driver assistance packages have been accused of being at fault, and it’s pretty obvious that the issue with many Autopilot and Autopilot-like accidents is that drivers are over-relying on the system and failing to use their car’s advanced driver assistance features as planned.

It doesn’t make sense to ban such features completely, especially if they help eliminate accidents. But what about those who abuse the system and put their lives and the lives of others in jeopardy? Is there a way they can be dealt with that doesn’t harm those who use the systems appropriately?

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