What Should Elon Musk’s Role At Tesla Be?

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Next week, as it has done for many years already, Tesla will hold its annual shareholder meeting.

A chance for Tesla shareholders to voice their opinion about how the company is operated, anyone with Tesla shares can attend, be they a small investor with a few shares or a large multinational with thousands of shares. And at next week’s meeting (as usual) Tesla shareholders will be asked to vote on many new proposals that could change how the company operates moving forward.

This year, among other things, Tesla Shareholders will be asked to vote in favor or against a set of proposals that could see Elon Musk removed as company Chairman of the Board of Directors but remain company CEO — as well as a cast votes regarding the re-election of several board members who critics say are not impartial enough to be on the board.

But what are the differences between a company CEO and Chairman of the Board? Why should (or shouldn’t) Elon Musk remain both? And what advantages and disadvantages exist if he is voted out of his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors?

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