Worried About Battery Degradation? Tesla Model X, Bolt EV Owners Show The Way

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Battery degradation — the slow, inexorable loss of a battery’s ability to store charge — is a very real problem in our modern lives. Anything with a lithium-ion battery pack, be it a gadget or a car, can suffer it (although scientists are still doing everything they can to develop the ‘holy grail battery’ that doesn’t suffer degradation, can charge super quickly, and last forever).

In the electric car world, fears over battery degradation and the resulting loss in range have put some people off buying a plug-in car, especially after the horror that was the premature capacity loss experienced by early Nissan LEAFs caused by excess heat in Arizona.

Now two very good videos have surfaced online teaching us that battery degradation on the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Tesla Model X isn’t anything to be scared about… and why you’re unlikely to notice it for many tens of thousands of miles.

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