Tesla Model 3 Gets CCS In Europe — What It Means For Now (and Maybe The Future)

To date, there have been three different charge connectors associated with the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3: the proprietary ‘Tesla” connector used in North America; the modified Type 2  connector used on all Teslas in Europe; and the GB-T Chinese rapid charging standard mandated for use on all electric cars in China.

But earlier today, Tesla did something we’d heard rumors about but weren’t one hundred percent sure would happen: announce that all Model 3 electric cars destined for Europe would come with a CCS quick charging inlet as standard, replacing any previous connectors found on European Model S and Model X. At the same time, it confirmed a CCS adaptor would be available for Model S and Model X owners in Europe with the older style connector, with all Tesla Supercharger stalls in Europe getting an upgrade to double-headed (double-cabled) connections, supporting both older and new charge cable styles.

While Europe’s push to Type 2 and CCS has probably played a large part in Tesla’s decision, here’s what it means for the future of the Tesla Supercharger network, Model 3, and non-Tesla CCS cars too.

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