Nissan LEAF ‘Rapidgate fix’ Software Won’t Come To U.S. Here’s Why Nissan is Wrong

When we heard that Nissan had designed a factory software fix for the so-called ‘Rapidgate’ problem — in which Nissan LEAFs being charged more than once a day at a rapid charging station were throttling back charging speed to prevent the battery pack from overheating — we were quite hopeful that the software would be offered as a post-purchase update for owners of older 2018 Nissan Leafs.

Last week, that seemed to be the case, with the news that Nissan would be rolling out its Rapidgate fix to all European market LEAFs (and, we erroneously assumed at the time, all 2018 LEAFs without the software programmed at the factory).

Over the weekend however, we learned that’s not going to be the case, with only European market LEAFs due to get the upgrade for now.

Why? We’ve explained it all above — as well as why we think Nissan’s policy in this case is wrong.

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