Is This MINI The Ultimate Collector’s Item For Eco-Minded MINI Fans?

In recent years, it’s become trendy for automakers to turn previous internal combustion engined models — specifically iconic classic ones — to electric cars, either as a one-off special build or a dedicated limited-production kit for existing owners and car collectors wanting something a little special.

To date, most of those conversions have been of high-end sports cars like the Jaguar E-Type and Aston Martin DB6 Volanté, but now a company in the UK is bringing what it says is the first classic electric mini conversion to market. Unlike the classic MINI conversion carried out by BMW as part of its preview to the production 2020 electric MINI, Swind from the UK says its Swind E Classic MINI (£79000) will offer all the fun of an electric car in a classic body.

The only problem? It’s £79,000 — and only one hundred of the ground-up built-t0-order cars will be made.

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